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Another week of drama and anticipated battles following the first round of Ultimate Madness 2.

Where do we begin? The top story on Tuesday still is the fallout between Mike P and Ryda after they battled on URL‘s “Ultimate Madness 2” tournament. The two battlers have been going back-and-forth on Twitter since Mike advanced to the second round.

Though Ryda may have lost, he in many ways has won. His stock has risen and now maybe in contention to battle Loso, who also was eliminated after the first round fo the tournament.

Let’s Talk Battle Rap Podcast also discusses have we seen Saga peaked after having a crazy 2-year run?


Plus, the culture wants to see 40 Barrs versus Tsu Surf, but what about URL and QOTR? We discuss what the holdup might be and why Surf better not count out 40.


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