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The man has been finding the league’s biggest names has been let go of his duties.

I can’t say I am surprised to see this as the outcome after what happened between Norbes and Nu Jerzey Twork.

Before the “Genesis” card, Twork was seen beating up Norbes after he found out the former league recruiter was acting inappropriately with his baby mama.

The fight took place at Caffeine’s studio that was hosting the event. A bad look for the new partnership with Ultimate Rap League (URL) and the app.

It seems like URL and associates agreed and made it official Tuesday that they have dissolved their business relationship with Norbes.

Norbes followed with his own official statement saying he had been planning on this day for “years.”

It has been rumored for years that Norbes and the URL’s relationship was rocking. However, I can say I never saw this coming until after the situation with Twork.

Fans and battlers shared their feelings after seeing the announcement from the league and Norbes.


Not sure what Norbes has up his sleeve or how he sees himself being involved in the culture moving forward. One thing you can’t denied is the fact he played a huge part in growing the URL from the street corner to the big stages.