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The rumor as to why Twork would want to beat up Norbes are true.

You really can’t trust nobody man I swear. Many battle rap fans were surprised to wake up on Saturday, just hours before the Genesis event started to see Nu Jerzey Twork beating up Norbes.

Many were confused when you can hear Twork say “You try to hit my bm.” Today Twork took time to address the fight and why he felt the need to do it at the Caffeine studio.


I will say this, I respect the fact that Twork apologized for his actions. I don’t think anybody blames him for his anger. He was justified to be angry at Norbes for what he had done. However, to fight at the Caffeine studios is a bad look for URL and could have jeopardized the whole deal URL jus locked in with Caffeine.

Now with Norbes, it’s just foul what he did. Especially with the fact that he was so close to Twork and his family. Not sure if this will make his business relationship with the URL go sour but I know Smack and Beasley are not happy with him either.

Not sure what Smack or Beasley will do but as Twork hinted, he will have to suffer ramification for the fight. Maybe he may have to sit out the next battle or two. Whatever it is I know that this won’t end up hurting Twork for the long run or his 2020 campaign.