The rumor as to why Twork would want to beat up Norbes are true. You really can’t trust nobody man I swear. Many battle rap fans were surprised to wake up on Saturday, just hours before the Genesis event started to see Nu Jerzey Twork beating up Norbes. Many were confused when you can hear […]

Well damn, where was my invite?!? Just joking, kinda not, but really many fans been glued to Twitter all week as news broke out that Smack was being sneaky. It first started with URL, and battlers like JC and Rum Nitty posting that they were flying to New York for a battle that was not […]

And it’s for the culture for the FREE!   Yay boy! I didn’t misspeak, Smack is going to make sure you get to see MurdaLand (Calicoe and Murda Mook) versus Dark Lyfe (T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen) without having to spend a dime. Plus they have added NWX (K-Shine and DNA) versus The Monstars (Nu Jerzey […]

They’ve done just changed the game with this one!   It is amazing to think that battle rap has gone from street corners to BET stages and now have an official app. Smack and the URL are the first to come with an app and subscription for fans to watch battles. Right now the highly […]

Part 2 mirrors part 1 with the jabs and ganging up on Cass. After watching part 1 of the face-off between Cassidy and Goodz the internet couldn’t get enough. Cass has the confidence like no other and kept his stance that he is the GOAT of battle rap. Still calling Mook and Lux his “young […]

“I created battle rap, I am battel rap” Whether you agree or not Cassidy don’t give a damn because these are the facts he feels make him a battle rap God. Since his last battle when he 30 Dizaster 4 years ago, he feels that his record is 5001-0. Now on April 27, he will […]

'Bridesmaids' SMACK in the Middle Of Teacher Abuse Case

Will Smith was doing the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black III, when a male entertainment reporter tried to kiss him on the mouth. The guy is a comedic reporter, and kissing celebrities on the mouth is his thing … but Will was having none of that. When the reporter’s lips […]

Ja Rule has just been handed down a 2 year bid in prison after reaching a plea deal for gun charges related with a concert he performed with Lil Wayne three years ago. The Murder Inc. star pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony in the second degree. “Minor […]