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How we feel about this update?

I was hoping, wishing and praying that Tsu Surf would be out of jail in time for Summer Impact. However, the culture’s worst fear has happened (well kinda again) Surf will not be making the stage.

As you know Surf was arrested earlier this week and has not been released on bail. Many insiders, bloggers, and fans thought that URL would have to scrap the battle from the lineup. However, Smack, Beasley, and crew came up with an alternative. Chess!


This decision has split the culture. Some are here for Chess to get a chance to add Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux on his resume. Some feel like he doesn’t deserve the opportunity and won’t be prepared for it.

Despite what you think, this is a chance for Chess to once and for all prove that he can handle the pressure of the big stage and its legends. Sources close to Surf say he ask Chess personally to fill in for him. So that gotta mean something right?



Source: URL