“Once Verb touches a battle rapper I make them greater,” – Verb https://www.instagram.com/p/ByleqYRn8VF/   Love him, hate him, you will respect him. Aye Verb probably has the best resume in battle rap currently. He has seen and arguably beaten your favorite and God tier battlers. His two recent battles were against Murda Mook and Loaded […]

The battle of “who choose who?”   The second faceoff dropped leading up to Ultimate Rap League‘s (URL) Summer Impact. Murdaland’s Calicoe and Murda Mook and Dark Lyfe’s T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen were talking mad spicy to each other. This faceoff was NOT buddy buddy like we saw between Charlie Clipz, Goodz versus Hitman Holla […]

One of the funniest faceoffs EVER!   You already know to expect big laughs whenever you see Charlie Clipz and Goodz around each other. That’s exactly what went down during the first Summer Impact faceoff with Clipz and Goodz versus Hitman Holla and John John Da Don.   As you can see Goodz and Clipz […]

How we feel about this update? I was hoping, wishing and praying that Tsu Surf would be out of jail in time for Summer Impact. However, the culture’s worst fear has happened (well kinda again) Surf will not be making the stage. As you know Surf was arrested earlier this week and has not been […]