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Surf is not in the mood anymore for Hoffa to breakdown his battle rap career anymore.

Now to be fair, this all started after fans ask Math Hoffa to talk about Tsu Surf‘s battle rap record on his podcast. So he did, and he told fans he also feels like many others do that Surf has more of a losing record. That his record doesn’t match what he gets paid and of course told fans again he would battle Surf.

Surf caught wind of the battle rapper turn podcaster’s words and decided to share how he feels. Not only did Surf say Hoffa couldn’t even come close to what he has accomplished in battle rap but he would never accomplish what he has done for the culture. He went in detail saying he has millions of more views on his battles, make more money for battles, his music career is better (he even sitting on a Chris Brown feature), and more.


You not on my level anyway shape or form,” Surf said in his Instagram Live video. “Lux was here, Mook was here, you were here, all y’all was here before me and haven’t done what I’ve done.”

Surf also put Hoffa in the same box as bloggers saying nobody ever talks about the good in his career like his book, killing his appearance on Hot 97 and Bars On i-95, and been nominated twice to be on XXL‘s Freshman Class.

To be fair, I talked and gave him so much praise when he released his book House In Virginia last year and how it landed No. 3 on the Best Sellers List. However, I understand what he is saying as well.

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