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So Fly Entertainment’s Anthony Johnson has been convicted in the murder of his business partner Romuald Rodrique Ngande. Johnson’s Rap lyrics were used in court to help convict him of the murder as jurors rejected his self-defense claim.

This week, San Antonio, Texas’ Anthony Johnson was charged with the murder of his So Fly Entertainment business partner, Romuald Rodrique Ngande, a producer known as Romey Rome Beatz. Ngande died of a gunshot from a an AK-47 assault rifle and Johnson is facing life in prison.

Johnson claimed self-defense. According to his testimony, Ngande asked for a ride to work in the morning which he refused to give. Johnson claims that Ngande became furious. Johnson then showed jurors how he put a gun in Ngande’s mouth to see how Ngande would respond.

“He grabbed it real quick (and said), ‘Go ahead. Do it, do it. Blow out my brains,’” Johnson told jurors, according to San Antonio Express News. “He reached into his pocket. I just saw a gleam of silver.”

When this occured, Johnson says he fired the gunshot. Ngande had been reaching for a lighter and was reportedly unarmed.

Prosecutors mentioned that hours after the shooting, Johnson posted a Facebook update about the situation.

“One-shot kill,” he wrote. “Call me John Wayne.”

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The pair had been arguing on Facebook the night before the murder.

Prosecutors also noted that Johnson’s behavior at the police station was different from what he displayed in court.

“I wasn’t acting like me at all,” he said of his actions after the shooting. “I got tired of people looking at me as the nice guy — the pretty boy you could walk all over.”

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Johnson has been writing rhymes in jail. Prosecutors have used these words in court, including lines about being “a beast that can’t be tamed.” This is not the first time lyrics have been used in court. For instance, lyrics were also used in Lil Boosie’s trial. A sample of his lyrics can be seen below.

After more than six hours of deliberation, a jury rejected Johnson’s self-defense claim.

So Fly Entertainment was started by Johnson after obtaining money from a personal injury settlement. Ngande and Johnson partnered to release four albums together before struggling financially. Johnson now faces life in prison. SOURCE

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