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Cardi B just can’t get a break from people bringing her name up! Whether its good or bad, my good sis stays making headlines! This time, we’re trying to figure out if Cardi is being called out or nah!? On twitter this past Monday, Cardi had a small exchange of words with WWE wrestler Lacey […]

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  Disgraced New York rapper, Tekashi69 is out of prison and back on the scene! After being released from prison and being granted permission to get back to work, he wasted no time dropping a new project. His new single is called “Gooba” and in the video, it appears Tekashi has not an ounce of […]

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#bigbinkshow – This ain’t got nothing to do with no tree or getting out of the way of the sun.  The Hood has spoken!   Throwing “Shade” has now become a part of the Dictionary.  So now you can direct people if they don’t know why people are throwing shade on them!   Shade – acting […]

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Melania Trump comes forward as apologizes to the First Lady about her speech that was 99 percent similar to a speech Mrs. Obama made in 2008……  

Big Bink's Blog

Source: Kris Connor / Getty   the #bigbinkshow was on set when Michelle Obama found Melania Trump after making that speech at the RNC…Here is the exclusive video!!!

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The hardest thing about being a parent is there is no guide to it, but there is help. Check out this video of the three most damaging words you can tell your son. VIDEO Follow me on Twitter @SPdaCoolkid

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So Fly Entertainment’s Anthony Johnson has been convicted in the murder of his business partner Romuald Rodrique Ngande. Johnson’s Rap lyrics were used in court to help convict him of the murder as jurors rejected his self-defense claim. This week, San Antonio, Texas’ Anthony Johnson was charged with the murder of his So Fly Entertainment […]

Power 107.5’s own Power Morning Crew started their morning with a very special guest singer/songwriter Brandy. The PMC spent the morning talking to Brandy about her career, her new song with Chris Brown, and performing her Whitney Houston tribute. While talking about the tribute Brandy started getting emotional because she shared her last moment with […]