Text “POWER” to 71007 to join The Power mobile club for exclusive news & prizes   SIKE NAW not a full nude… but close enough!! Jaden seems to be trying to trap yall with another pic on his Instagram account.  Typically Jaden is rocking the I’m rich but look homeless and this shit cost a […]

#bigbinkshow – I just knew that my tickets from Northern lights would take me to the promise land!!!  But it didn’t.  Here is your Powerball winner who is taking home 336 Million after taxes!!!! Check her out HERE 

#BIGBINKSHOW – Wow I never knew farting could be so beneficial to human life!!!  Check out these facts about passing gas that you probably never knew! Men fart more than women. The original meaning of fart if forth as wind from the anus. This word was coined in 1962. An average person farts around 14 […]

#bigbinkshow – Here is thte reason why you should not look at the eclipse that’s coming on Monday

#bigbinkshow    Cardi B is the hottest female in the game right now.  Nicki Minaj better watch out!

Chris Brown Speaks on Rihanna Situation LeBron James and Octavia Spencer Team Up for TV Series

#bigbinkshow  we had a Ball with Justine Sky who stopped by the show today!!! Check out here new Video with Jeremih called “Back for more”

Amber Rose Being Sued for Defamation Insecure Gets Another Season Columbus Finds Solution to Overcrowding Downtown. Click here 

  #bigbinkshow – Even Beyonce and Kelly Rowland took the role as Regular Folk at a Kendrick Concert!

#bigbinkshow – Its getting messy!!!!  This video has been surfacing on the web showing Usher grinding with a female on stage in front of thousands.  Usher has been pretty silent about the allegations that he gave a woman Herpes, but he has the big money and he pays people to speak for him…stay tuned because […]