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OK, now this one would be so much funnier if there wasn’t a troubling element after the fact. Today while out with his Baby Mama, Kim KardashianKanye West was trying to avoid getting his picture taken by the paparazzi.

What happened next was unforeseen. We’re talkin not even Miss Cleo could have predicted this…but you know TMZ got the video! Take a look!

Alright, so we know if you are like most, you are probably getting your little tee-hee-hee’s in at that. The part that is troubling though, is that Kanye seems to be sort of stunned for a minute after it happened. Then, as with most people who slip, or trip or fall in public, his embarrassment snaps him back to reality and he pulls himself together and goes inside.

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But the reason that it’s not good is, it doesn’t take much to hit your head and end up severely or even gravely hurt. If he really was stunned, he should probably get that checked out just to be on the safe side! There are reports from hospital ER’s all the time about people smacking their head earlier in the day, shrugging it off and then having a health emergency later on that night because they didn’t get it checked out. That is nothing to play with! Take those dome hits seriously!

Now back to our spazz out already in progress! Alright when we last left the story, Kanye and Kimmy K had already entered the bar. Kanye had just spazzed a little bit. But we’re guessing after taking a minute to think about it, he felt there was more to say.

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Check out his “On second thought” moment below!


Oh Kanye, if this baby changes you it will be the babies gain but our loss. We love this guy!


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