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Every Monday morning I’ll address your “Matter of the Heart” questions you’ve emailed to me, on the air anonymously. Today’s Question:

Q: “When dating, how long to wait to bring that person around your children?”  

A: I don’t know if there’s a real “time table” when it comes to such a serious matter. We’re hearing more and more stories about children being abused by mom/dads boyfriend/girlfriend. I think it’s important to determine how serious the relationship is first. I think it’s also very important to spend some time REALLY getting to know your partner. Do they seem impatient? Do they have kids of their own? Just because your partner cares about you, doesn’t mean she’ll care about your child/children.

The “type” of introduction can also make a big difference. Introducing your female friend as a “friend” is good enough.(at first) In my opinion, showing a ton of affection in front of your child isn’t necessary. Especially if you have a “dating revolving door.” You don’t want your little one to meet someone new every other day! :-)

Background check! If you’re getting serious, I’d make sure your love interest hasn’t been arrested for anything “crazy.” Everyone has a past. Which is cool. As long as it wasn’t anything that could happen again in the future. ( is the website)

Trust your gut! You know what “wrong” feels like. If that “feeling” pops up, don’t ignore it!!

If you have a “Matter of the Heart” please email it, FB me, call in, and I’ll address your question on the air anonymously every Monday morning. Thanks for trusting me with your questions.

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