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Do you follow Rihanna on Instagram? If you do, you’ve been allowed front row access to her bikini show over the past few weeks. The singer recently headed down to Barbados for some much-needed R&R and has made it VERY clear that she has no shame in posting photo after photo of her half-naked body. Yup, bathing suit after bathing suit, front to back — it’s not exactly surprising that the “Umbrella” singer is starting to get a little bit of flack for her constant stream of bikini shots.

Comments on her “big thighs.” Haters saying that she’s “not that skinny,” and others calling her a “little boy,” referring to her small chest size. Sure,Rihanna has more than nine million followers. Mean comments such as these are gonna happen.

But what about the rest of us? Is there something to say for the fat-shaming and negative comments women open themselves up to when posting these kind of photo on social media platforms?

The bigger question: Is it an unhealthy habit?

Working out is something a lot of us do. It’s something that I’m sure you, your friends, your family, or someone else you know loves to talk about on all forms of social media. Heck, I’m definitely guilty. However, it’s one thing to post a view from the end of a long run, saying that you beat your personal best. It’s another to post bikini shots like Ri Ri over here.

Whether you’re a major celebrity or not, people love to criticize. As someone who’s lost give-or-take 70 pounds since college, I know how rough it can be. If you’re willing to put photos of yourself online, then understand the risks that come along with it. If you’re posting photos of your bikini bod looking for praise, then you have to accept right off the bat that you may not get that.

I can’t help but think in the struggle that is body image, it’s better for common folk like you and me to find positive reinforcement in other places. Look to inspiring words from your favorite celebrities. Maybe join a running club and gain energy from the positivity there. Being healthy is about so much more than just how you look, it’s about how you feel. Don’t rely on other people to provide that sense of confidence for you, find it yourself.

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