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I think Diddy hit it right on the nose when he coined the term “B*tchassness”.  Sometimes I think, “what term would we use before he made up this word?” Now I hope that this rant doesn’t offend anyone but if you’re like me and the rest of the country who’s had to witness the near destruction of our government in front of the rest of the world then you may find this term quite fitting.

I’ve heard the words shutdown, government, furlough, sequestration, deadline, GOP, Congress, Senate, Boehner, & Obama so many times that I literally want to erase them from my vocabulary for the next 30 days.  Words can’t even express what myself and I’m sure the rest of the country is thinking.  You mean to tell me because a handful of people could not put their feelings aside long enough to make a sound decision that the American people had to suffer? Are you serious?! That is “B*tchassness” in its purest form.  So what is B*tchassness?

Well according to the highly regarded and well respected Urban Dictionary, “B*tchassness” is:

 “a term coined by Diddy on Making the Band. Overall stank actions towards others through words, facial expressions, and/or song. Symptoms include: thinking your better than those around you, not speaking your true feelings, and throwing large amounts of shade.”  The symptoms include 1. Punkish tendencies 2. Cattiness, such as talking behind someone’s back 3. Thinking highly of yourself, but only expressing it under your breath 4. Claiming, “hurt feelings” when you are called out on your BS.

Sounds like the right word for the occasion right?

Let’s think back a little and just try to understand how we got to this point.  The government voted on Obamacare a long time ago and the GOP basically have been patiently waiting to shut it down ever since it was voted in.  They just needed an opportunity.  I am assuming that this is because of the corporate controlled government officials that are in place only to push legislation that continues to widen the gap between the 1% and the rest of the country.  Then as the deadline to increase the debt ceiling approached the GOP chose to flex its muscle in an effort to bully the government into pumping the breaks on Obamacare and not increasing the debt ceiling.  Ultimately, a game of chicken ensued and instead of someone getting out of the way the two parties crashed head on.  Guess who the casualties were? The American people were the casualties. Then the cars back up a few hundred yards just to speed right back at each other and right before they crash and blow our country to pieces they hit the breaks, put the car in park, and keep the car running.  That’s my version of how this government shut down played out.

If you watch the news and listen to the political strategists and experts, many have stated that the shutdown, furloughs, and madness could have easily been avoided. They also have spoken on just how huge the impact of the United States defaulting on the money they owe could have been.  Some have called the potential threat catastrophic.  The greed of a few could have destroyed so many.

At the end of the day, it’s disappointing, disheartening, and down right ridiculous watching a group of men take “B*tchassness” to a new level.  Of course all parties are crashing in the popularity poles but what does this really show us?  How can we believe in democracy if a few people with alternative motives can disrupt our lives so much?  Corporate greed is one thing but government disruption is another.  Obamacare may have kinks and who knows if it will last but we all know this is not just about Obamacare.  When the Tea Party is leading the charge you know it’s deeper than politics.

I suggest that we use our power to vote from the bottom up instead of the top down so that we can help change who holds these positions in congress and the senate since it seems that collectively they have the power.  And where is Diddy with those “No B*tchassness” T-shirts when you need him?



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