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First of all I think it’s a damn shame that so many of us idolize celebrities as much as we do.  On a global scale people follow, copy, admire, look up to, and aspire to be just like their favorite celebrity.  It’s like we believe they are perfect just because they are famous.  It’s one thing to be rich and another thing to be famous.  Yet we will be quick to say what they say, do what they do, buy what they buy, and wear what they wear.  Even when some people act like their being original, they are usually just copying off of another famous person who is unique.

The reality of it all is that believe it or not celebrities aren’t original at all.  They are not unicorns with magical, mystical powers.  They are just driven people with a talent or skill that has taken them to another level.  Now the skill and talent definitely is something to admire and inspire you to work harder at what you have a talent or skill for.  But everything else about them is just like you and me.  To be honest sometimes money and fame can change people for the worst.  Actually I fell like that is the only time we are happy not to be famous, when a celebrity begins to loose themselves in the money and the fame.  Working in media I find reasons, all of the time, to be disappointed in celebrities actions.  It’s almost like we thirst for it because they are so famous and rich and seemingly happy.  But this week I seen something that just had me shaking my head like “this is why I don’t want to be famous” as a matter of fact I seen 3 things…

The first thing I seen that made me shake my head was Kanye West’s new video “Bound 2” featuring his wifey Kim Kardashian.  What made me SMH (which means shaking my head in case you don’t have any social network account or don’t text or just out of date) is because we are witnessing that moment when an artist is living in his or her head too much and too into their own feelings to realize that they are loosing ground with real fans who appreciate their creativity.  It’s not just about how uncomfortably sincere the video seems or how contrived it looks.  It’s not just about cheesy CGI horses running through the plains like a beer commercial.  It’s not the “I’m feeling so sexy but I look so fake” look on Kim K’s face.  It’s not just about Kanye’s “I’m so hard and perfect I can wear two types of plaid shirts and still look cool” look on his face.  I think it was that fact that when he debuted it on the daytime talk show Ellen he was bragging about it and how he put so much work into it and all of the thought that went into it.   We get it Ye’ you did all of this on purpose and yes it does get people talking.  Good job, but maybe next time you want to make a public service announcement about you and Kim K’s love for each other at least look more believable. Where was Charlie Wilson at to break up the monotony? I know a handful of people I know are calling me a hater right now but I’m only saying it because I’m a fan and I love this song. Take a look at the video for yourself and tell us what you think.

The 2nd reason I’m SMH at these celebrities is because Jay Z proved to me that he is now a part of the 1% and he’s taking Hip Hop to heights that hip-hop fans can’t go along with him.  Jay Z sums it up in his verse on Drakes song  ‘Pound Cake’, Jay goes

“The homies said, “Hov, it ain’t many of us” I told ‘em less is more nigga, there’s plenty of us”

The line refers to being at the top and being rich and as you can see that same greed for keeping the wealth in tight circles has gotten to Jay Z as well.  This was made known this week when Jay’s Shawn Carter collaboration with high-end retail store Barney’s debuted.  On a good note all proceeds from the sales of the items in the collection go towards the Shawn Carter Foundation, which provides secondary scholarships to underprivileged students.  But that is where the buck stops for me.  One glance through the collection quickly let me know that even though the fashion has an urban and hip hop influence, the only item I see the mass consumers being able to afford is the $70 logo T-shirt.  From there the items range in price from $700 sunglasses and $900 baseball cap to $3,000 boxing shorts and $2,300 varsity jacket.  He even has a $700 ski mask in the collection.  Now I’m not against high-end fashion and I get that Barney’s doesn’t carry anything typical.  But with an opportunity to create more scholarships for underprivileged kids and a huge urban following, by making more items that are affordable for fans Jay could have made millions in sales.  People would have jumped on the opportunity to be a part of a social cause with some fashion that isn’t cheap but doesn’t break the bank either.  $300 shirts or sweaters, $100 hats, $1,000 coats, those prices I could see making a statement as high quality but not too over the heads of those who subscribe to the culture.  Am I wrong?  Take a look at the line HERE and let me know what you think.

And the last thing I’m shaking my head at today is this funny picture one of my friends sent me.  Sometimes we put too much on celebrities and then are disappointed when we find out different.  Like the quote says “It’s only a movie…”


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