Okay…so for those who don’t remember the verse that sent shock waves around the world let us give you a quick refresher. Kendrick Lamar was featured on a song called “Control” a few months back in which he took shots at other rappers in the industry. Some came back quickly and let him have it…actually many rappers who were never even called out responded to the verse by Kendrick.

However, a whole lot of time has passed so we think it’s sort of odd that Drake is just now getting around to addressing Kendrick about a song that Mr. Lamar dropped back in the late summer or early fall. The lines that Drake spit on the remix to Future’s “Sh!t” has everyone in an uproar today…but what was even more curious was what Aubrey had to say. Take a look at it below.

“If a n*gga say my name he the hot sh*t/but if I say that nig*a name he still the hot sh*t” and “funny how they dangling the bait but I’m the one killing n*ggas on the hook.”

Everyone is saying that the lines must have been directed at Kendrick. But they are also saying….”That’s It?”

Kendrick’s Top Dawg Entertainment camp even tweeted about it!

Said Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith The CEO of TDE,

“If this is the best shit niggas got… I feel sorry 4 em…lmao 

And here is the tweet from TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson,

Welp there it is! No comment as to what Mr. Lamar himself thought…but somehow we get the feeling we will be finding out that little morsel of information soon enough. Game on y’all!


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