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Rob Kardashian has mentioned having a son as early as 2009, but a new story reported today by tabloid Star magazine brought the issue back into the headlines.

An insider tells the mag that Rob admitted being a daddy during a recent get-together at his apartment when friends noticed a teddy bear on his bed. “He said that it was a present for his son,” says the source.

Another insider adds, “The possibility that Rob may have a child has been the buzz in the Kardashian circle for a while, but no one knows for sure. And no one will talk about it.”

Rob has, however, hinted at having a son in the past. In May, he posted an Instagram note that read, “Shout to to God … Shout out Mom, shout out to my son’s mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol”

He quickly deleted that post.

In 2009, Rob shared a similar Twitter exchange with Nicole Richie. “Bout to take time today to see the ones whom I never see …” he wrote. And when Richie answered, “Like your son?” he wrote, “My son unfortunately doesn’t stay in L.A. You know that. Don’t remind me.”

According to insiders, Rob has told friends that the child was the result of a fling with a Miami woman four years ago.

Says a source of the radio silence since, “There’s a good chance that the child’s mother wants nothing to do with the fame, and that’s why she’s staying so hush.”

Rob’s mother, Kris Jenner, has tried to keep the rumors at bay as well, according to Star. “Any time it’s even mentioned, Kris changes the subject,” says a family insider. “For whatever reason, Kris is fearful that Rob being a father could hurt the [Kardashian] brand.”


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