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The Anthony’s spent Father’s Day being accused of turning their back on an innocent child. Now as a woman I can only imagine how difficult it would be to accept that your husband had a baby on you. Situations like these just don’t smooth over after a couple of months. It was just a year […]

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This love child business is not a game!! Alexsandra Wright will be the first to tell you!   Things seems to be getting worse as…

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It is being reported that Michael Jackson might have a love child who is now 31 years old and ready to let the world know Michael Jackson is his DAD!  Check this pic of him out.

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We all knew it could be true, well that Michael could have more kids out there. The late Michael Jackson is the father of a 31-year-old son, well that’s what a man is claiming. The possible son to the pop star plans to go public Thursday with the DNA evidence. According to TMZ the man who is […]

The more side chicks begin to put their famous flings on blast for the way the’ve been treated, the more these famous stars are fighting…

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Rob Kardashian has mentioned having a son as early as 2009, but a new story reported today by tabloid Star magazine brought the issue back into…


Tell me what is up with all these celebs and ball players having their cake and eating it too?! NFL legend Dan Marino – a pregame analyst…

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According to Chewin DaPhat: DOES TIGER HAVE A LOVECHILD? A new British documentary is claiming that Tiger Woods may have a secret lovechild. In the doc, Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall, a journalist named Neil  Boulton, who allegedly helped Tiger hide his many affairs,  says that Tiger fathered a baby girl and there’s DNA […]

Does Chris Rock have a secret we don’t know about? According to the NY Post, the comic was spotted Monday coming out of the Trump International Hotel carrying a little girl, about 1 or 2 years old, in his arms.  Chris was with his daughter  Zahra, 5, the youngest of his two daughters with wife […]