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We all knew it could be true, well that Michael could have more kids out there. The late Michael Jackson is the father of a 31-year-old son, well that’s what a man is claiming. The possible son to the pop star plans to go public Thursday with the DNA evidence.

According to TMZ the man who is making such claims is named, Brandon Howard. He is the son of singer Miki Howard, whom Joe Jackson represented in the 80s

Sources close too Brandon say, Miki and “The King of Pop” met in 1982, and Brandon was born closely to that. The alleged son of Michael Jackson grew up in Cleveland and currently lives in Miami.

Brandon has apparently taken after his father and mother, singing and goes by the name of B. Howard. His work includes working with Akon.

Brandon is so sure that he is Michael Jackson’s son he says he acquired DNA from an old orthodontic device worn by the popstar. How he go it, is unknown, but Brandon says the test results show a positive match.

The results will be shown Thursday on FilmOn.com.

Story c/o MStarz.com

Video c/o TMZ.com