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Crop He’s an idiot for CHEATING and not wifing her yet anyway. SMH.

According to TMZ reports:

Ludacris’ longtime GF Eudoxie is turning a blind eye to her BF’s infidelities that produced a kid … because she’s still determined to marry him.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Eudoxie forgives Luda for impregnating baby mama Tamika Fuller. Luda claims they were on a break when he hooked up with Tamika. Sound familiar, Dwyane?

We’re told Eudoxie — who’s been dating Luda since 2009 — is emotionally hurt, but she too is taking the position they weren’t a couple at the time of conception … even though their Instagram suggests otherwise.

As for Ludacris’ impending child support battle with Tamika, we’re told Eudoxie will make sure the rapper supports the kid like a responsible father.

That’s the TMZ version… But we have good sources in Atlanta who tell us that Eudoxie does not run the relationship — that Luda does and has stepped out on her before. According to our sources, most in his close circle have long believed he would never marry her or anyone else because he’s anti-marriage and doesn’t want to get married if he doesn’t have to.

That said, this situation is a whole lotta leverage for ol’ girl. We’re not telling the man what to do but if Luda’s smart he will do like Dwyane and pop the question with a quickness before another baller without a baby comes in and snatches her up! SOURCE

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