After 18 years we finally may know what 2 Pac’s last words were.

According to TMZ:

Tupac‘s last words before he died were “F*** YOU” … and he said them to a cop — at least that’s what the cop is now saying.

Former Las Vegas Metropolitan PD officer Chris Carroll says Tupac uttered the words to him as the wounded rapper lay dying in the officer’s arms, that fateful day in 1996, moments before he slipped out of consciousness forever.

In an interview for, Carroll says he had pulled Pac from the passenger seat of the car where he’d just been shot multiple times in a drive-by … he was bleeding everywhere.

Carroll says he tried to get Tupac to tell him who the shooter was — asking over and over, “Who shot you? Who shot you?” — but Tupac refused to snitch and replied … “F*** you.”

After that, Carroll says Tupac lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, where he was eventually placed on life support. Carroll says Tupac never said another word.

Future wants to give you an intimate experience on his tour in support of his latest album “Honest.” The road trip kicks off today in Milwaukee. The rapper tells “Billboard” he plans to “engage the fans” during his shows. The concerts will be more like listening sessions, in which Future will break down each track and go over the background behind them. Future says he decided to give fans a more personal experience so “they’ll get a better understanding about the music that they hear.”

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Here comes the bride – again. Kim Kardashian is expected to take Kanye West to be her third lawfully wedded husband tomorrow.

Kanye says he has a special love for Italy and Florence in particular. He said, “I think our daughter North was conceived here among the Renaissance masterpieces.”

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