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A very fresh out of jail Chris Brown promised he would be on his best behavior once he was released in early June. But it has only been 30 days since that special day and he has already been seen displaying “Gang” activity.

The video is clear… Breezy throwing up Bloods gang signs aka “Stackin” Sunday night in the same club where he got wasted and had to be carried out of the night of the BET Awards. For those of you who have yet to brush up on your Urban terms “stacking” is another term for using gang hand signs to let your set know you are present.

“Chris is specific … giving a verbal shout out to a specific subset of Bloods — the Fruit Town Piru. FYI … Piru is a street in Compton where the first known Bloods gang was formed.” [TMZ]

Chris was tagging “Fruits Piru” on a wall in Hawaii shortly before he got locked up. According to sourcing from TMZ several Fruits Piru gang members lived with Chris before he went to jail.

Chris Brown Graffiti   chris-brown-graffiti-painting-monsters-photos-wm-0110-480w

[Pictures Courtesy of TMZ]

I guess Chris is blaming his behavior on the A-A-AA-A-Alcohol. It not because he drank to excess — it’s because he can’t hold his liquor.

Supposedly Chris is saying he has not had a drink in over 6 months. Obviously he has been in jail majority of that time so I doubt he found the time to take one to the head anyways. Chris was peer pressured in to drinking by his “Close Buddies” –Lil Wayne, Tyga and Soulja Boy. They wanted him to celebrate his triumphant return on the BET stage, and what better way than with shots!! Chris Brown is sadly going to find himself back in jail if he keeps up like this… Which is kinda disappointing because all his fans are ready for a Big Hugh Come Back Tour (crosses fingers). So far no “BIG” change has been seen Chris so sorry but you are the Dummy of the Day.

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