Wiz Khalifa has always been the eccentric type but this might be too far. The fairly new Ex of Amber Rose has gone off and colored his hair BRIGHT PURPLE?!?

I think this is one of those cries for help kinda situation if you ask me, but he is not alone. Even tho Amber has been putting on a pretty strong face, she couldn’t help to express her self either. Rose Bud took her emotions to twitter and here is one of the multiple tweets she let her heart out on…

I don’t know maybe its just me but its obvious you both still love each other and I have always been one to think in marriage you can work it out in the privacy of your homes, clearly some prefer to take it to twitter. Maybe I could be wrong tho. Maybe wiz was just tired of looking at the same dusty dreads and maybe ambers Twitter rant had nothing to do with her DIVORCE.

but i want to know what you think…


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