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Yesterday, Princess publicly bashed Ray J’s former assistant Morgan Hardman and said that she was the “Madam” of her friends. She also unfollowed Ray J on social media and posted pics of her old boo Floyd Mayweather to get under his skin.

In the heat of the moment, Morgan Hardman posted some juicy comments under Princess Love’s pictures with details on what happened.

Apparently, Ray J had been talking major ish about Morgan and Princess Love decided to betray her man and call Morgan with all of the info that he said. Like any woman, she also revealed private details of her relationship with Morgan as well. Once the news got back to Ray J that Princess Love was “fake” and playing both sides he dropped her like a bad habit.

According to Morgan, Ray J actually tried to put hands on Princess Love! Morgan says that she got in-between them to prevent him from hitting Princess and ended up getting hit by Ray J in the process. She says this was why she quit her job as his assistant.

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