Kim Kardashian Bans Kanye From Contacting Amber Rose

Now that Amber Rose is single, she’s probably got a few fellas hitting her up.

But one that she doesn’t have to worry about on her line is her ex, Kanye West.

You see Kim Kardashian has already laid down the law and according to RadarOnline, Mrs. West ain’t playin’ no games.

“The 33-year-old mom of North, 1, has reportedly been hit with a bout of jealousy regarding West’s friendships with other gorgeous girls.

“Kim has told Kanye that she trusts him, but doesn’t trust the other women,” explains the source.

After West’s model ex Amber Rose split from rapper husband Wiz Khalifa, Kardashian immediately set her man straight.

“She told him that if he even thinks about contacting his ex, he will pay dearly,” the insider reveals.

Another woman on Kardashian’s “no contact” list? Her brother Rob’s ex-girlfriend, singer Rita Ora.

Kanye, 37, “wants to work with Rita on new music, but Kim had to put her foot down,” the source continues. “She thinks Rita is so desperate for fame that she wouldn’t hesitate to sleep with Kanye if it helped her career.”

I heard that Kim, keep em’ in line!




Cornel West Arrested In Ferguson For Protesting

Author and activist Cornel West was arrested while demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday.

West was in Ferguson as part of the “Ferguson October” rally, which has been attended by over 1,000 protesters.

Journalists in Ferguson tweeted photos of the incident Monday afternoon.

West had joined peaceful demonstrations at St. Louis University on Sunday night. Hours earlier, during a large mass protest service, West said that he came to get arrested.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see people on fire for justice, but I didn’t come here to give a speech,” West said during a discussion on Sunday night. “I came here to go to jail.”

via Huffington Post


Papparazzi Scratches Diddy’s Maybach


Tragedy struck a few nights ago when Diddy’s Maybach was scratched by paparazzi trying to question him about J.Lo and capture a qucik shot.

During the swarm of photographers and chaos, one was knocked in to Diddy’s car, and his bodyguard was quick to point out to damage.

Watch how Diddy reacts to the damage done.



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