Thursday Ye dropped an announcement about the follow up to his 2021 project "Donda". 

A 16-year-old accused of killing a man and injuring another Tuesday night, is now wanted by Columbus Police. German Sanchez Jr., 16, is wanted for murder for the death of Jacob Isaiah Todd, 20, who was shot and killed Tuesday night on Applefair Drive, according to Columbus police. Souleymane Gadio, 21, was also shot and […]

The 614

Now if you’re from the capital city then there are a few things you know for sure 1. We Bleed Scarlet and Gray 2. We always never say Xichigan we always say that team up north and 3. Nobody goes on the westside unless it’s to the casino. The west side of the city is […]

  It looks like Kanye West’s Sunday Service is having an impact on us all, including his adorable children with the infamous, Kim Kardashian. The two arguably created some of the cutest celeb babies, ever! As we all know, life moves fast and the kids seem to grow up even faster. Their second daughter, Chicago […]

Well what would expect from the man that sold a shirt with a bunch of holes in it for about $200 Bucks not to mention he doesn’t like a lot of colors in his clothes. But after wearing a pair of new Ye’s to the Coachella “Sunday Service” social media went crazy , half asking […]

Kayne is always up to something and is always looking to expand his worldwide brand well now he can add Creative Director to his already famous brand. As he will be a prominent fixture on ‘KUWTK’ hes even going to get in to the confessional booth lol now that should be much watch TV. Full […]

The 614

A 17 year old teen was found and arrested in Huntington, West Virginia the teen was on the run after an warrant was issued for his arrest for the murder of a 19 year old teen on the west side witness say that the shooting was the result of an argument between the teen police […]

Cops fear that there is an war brewing once again between the East and West coast and they believe that 69 is at the center. When TMZ broke the story Tekashi was set to meet with record producer Elliot Grainge for a dinner meeting in NYC, but things got heated after Tekashi’s entourage was denied entry … and […]

  #bigbinkshow – Even Beyonce and Kelly Rowland took the role as Regular Folk at a Kendrick Concert!

#bigbinkshow – Kendall has a message to everyone who hated on her when she thought it was cool to stick her face on B.I.G. picture. #smh #keepyofaceonyobody If you haven’t seen the pic

#bigbinkshow – Prodigy from MOBB DEEP passed away this week and his right hand man HAVOC spoke about it for the first time in an recent interview.

#bigbinkshow – Hey did Vegas Knock Brittney’s Wax figure out the park or Nah?