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A woman found out her husband was cheating on her, and instead of just leaving him…she decided to pull a “Waiting to Exhale” and ruin all of his sneakers! She posted the pic of the destroyed shoes on Instagram, saying

“Just did a quick custom on 50+ pairs of shoes. Every sneaker has a special cut to it whether it’s all the laces and tongue and/or the shoe itself cut up :). Can you spot your fav? #Part3 When you find your soon to be ex-husband was f*ckin hoes On Christmas Eve, women he’s worked with, and more…  while their child is fighting for their life in the hospital, you do sh*t like this.”

So…lemme get this straight. Your child is fighting for his or her life in the hospital, and instead of focusing on your kid, you took the time to not only cause thousands of dollars in damage to Js, Dunks, and more, but post it on Instagram?!? Okay, he cheated: leave his ass! Then leave the smartphone at home and go to the hospital with your baby.

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