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weh ent report 1-26

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1. Amber Rose Shuts Down Nick Canon Dating Rumors (Again)

amber rose nick cannon ferrari

Amber Rose posted a picture of herself and Nick Canon (above) asking if we liked their matching Ferraris, even putting #HisAndHers. So of course, dating rumors came alive again. Amber got salty and said “WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! You’re gonna see a lot of us together cuz he’s my manager.” Uh….most managers don’t get “his and hers” anything, let alone luxury cars. But I’ll just sip my tea.

2. Mya Caught Moonwalking at Strip Club

mya stripping

Mya has to pay her bills somehow…Saturday she was performing at a strip club in Miami. Now I heard a tune or two, but what I saw the most was her doing the tootsie roll and moonwalk right past a stripper pole. Mya is a trained dancer! Those moves would’ve disgraced any Soul Train dancer.

3. R. Kelly Still Putting Females on Camera…

r kelly happy birthday

R. Kelly needs to hang it up. He just released a video for his song “Happy Birthday,” and I swear he doesn’t remember peeing on that little girl. Listen to the words in the beginning.

First of all…no MEN allowed?? Duh…the way you like it, there are no WOMEN allowed either!! And then the girl says “you know what recorded it?!?” So you’ve learned nothing. I’m not mad at R. Kelly. I’m mad at all the people who still support him.