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weh ent report 2-5-15

Check out lilD’s Word Eye Heard Ent Report weeknights at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm for the latest! Here’s what’s happening:

1. Young Thug Says He Won’t Buy Jay-Z’s Music Because He’s Old


Young Thug came for Jay-Z! He was interviewed by GQ Magazine, and they asked him why he wouldn’t rap forever. He said, amongst other things, “I don’t wanna be 50 years old and rapping…Jay-Z don’t wanna rap right now. Jay-Z has some of the sickest lyrics every, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age.”

Even if you think Jay-Z is ancient (and he is getting up there lol), how can you throw shots at a rap legend, especially when your name is Young Thug?? That’s like Bow Wow coming at LL Cool J! That’s like Macklemore coming for Eminem! Young Thug is worried about being 50 years old and still rapping, when he needs to be worried about being 25 years old and still relevant.


2. Peter Gunz Goes on Date Night With Wife and Side-Wife


Can we call Hell and see if it’s chilly? Wow….Peter Gunz and his wife Amina were at a release event for Amina’s new EP release, and took a pic with Peter’s side wife Tara! They’re all cheesing, looking like one big happy family!

Peter captioned the IG pic, “Family love…gotta love it.”

Um. Well. Are we not watching the same reality show every week? Cause last time I checked, you left your real family in New York to go on vacation with your side family. More importantly, Amina has an EP out…? Who paid for all that studio time?? I’m telling you, I’m about to join a reality tv show. Clearly the checks are pretty good.


3. Lil Wayne Announces New Project: “Free Weezy Album”


Lil Wayne is suing Cash Money, but that isn’t stopping him from releasing more new music. First was the “Sorry for the Wait” mixtape, and now Wayne announced via Twitter that he has an album coming out:

“The Free Weezy Album…komin soon#FWA,” tweeted Weezy early Thursday morning (Feb. 5).

Well…if it’s a free album, doesn’t that make it a mixtape…? Oh okay.


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard.

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