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weh ent report 2-10-15

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1. Beef Over NWA Biopic Sparked Suge Knight Confrontation

nwa pic

So the whole fiasco with Suge Knight running over someone and killing him…started over a beef between Suge and Dre?? Apparently, Suge says Dr. Dre never got permission to use his likeness in the NWA biopic, Compton. So Suge went to see Dre, but a fight broke out before they could even meet, and clearly he ran over someone and killed him. Uh…Suge?!? See where being gangster gets you?? Now your dumb, dummy butt has been charged with murder.

For what it’s worth, here’s the trailer for Compton:


2. Bobby Shmurda Says He’s Being Targeted for Being “Blessed”

bobby shmurda

So Bobby Shmurda ha been locked up since December, and is facing 25 years. He did an interview with Billboard where he talked about why he thinks he’s being targeted. Amongst other things, he said “I just see a bunch of people trying to take me life away for being blessed.” Now  Bobby, didn’t you just catch a body bout a week ago?!? Rappers love finding religion once they get locked up…


3. Iggy Azalea Gets Gangster with the Pizza Guy

iggy azalea papa johns

Iggy Azalea didn’t win any Grammys, but is so thirsty for attention, she had to find a way to play the victim. Apparently she ordered a pizza, and the driver gave her number out.

iggy papa johns tweets

She tweeted and said “the supervisors at Papa John’s refuse to send the pics of their employees so you can identify who steals your information.’ Iggy, what are you gonna do if you find out who’s stealing your number?? Nothing, but call T.I. to get gangster on the pizza man. Getcho life.


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