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1. Kevin Gates Disses the President

Kevin Gates has said some stupid things, but this has to qualify as top 5. On one of his many video rants, he said we need to get President Obama out of office immediately, because more of his homeboys have died since he’s been in office.

Um, sir! Judging by the teardrop tattoos on your face,  I think it’s safe to say that maybe you just need better friends!


2. Raven Symone Needs a Geography Lesson

Raven Symone has been saying some dumb things lately, but this is definitely top 2. She said she did her DNA test, and found out she’s from “every CONTINENT in Africa except for one..and every CONTINENT in Europe except for one.”

So what you’re telling me is…you’re from every continent, but clearly you’re not from ANYBODY’S school.


3. Terrence Howard Might Lose Some ‘Empire’ Money

FOX's 'Empire' - Season One

Source: FOX / Getty

Terrence Howard is about to come off a chunk of that ‘Empire’ money! His ex-wife already claimed Terrence owes her half a million dollars in spousal support, but new documents say she’s owed 21% of anything Terrence made over $62,500 in the first 3 months of this year. That means she gets about $65K of the Empire money. She was probably like Cookie: “I want my company back!” LOL


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