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Full-Time and Part-Time Cooks: Faith Mission Community Kitchen


·         Ensure meals are appetizing and nutritionally balanced

·         Utilize proper food storage techniques

·         Coordinate and assist volunteer efforts

·         Comply with sanitation procedures of state and facility

·         Ensure a clean and sanitary work area and clean equipment after use

·         Accept, properly log, and store donations includingmarking date and item

·         Use First In First Out technique for food storage to ensure lack of waste

·         Supports the Mission, Values and Vision of Faith Mission/LSS and is knowledgeable of client rights and ensures an atmosphere which allows for the respect, dignity and well-being of all clients in a safe, secure environment.

·         Plan food production to coordinate with meal serving hours so that excellence, quality, temperature, and appearance of food is preserved

·         Supports, cooperates with, and implements specific procedures and programs for: Safety, including universal precautions and safe work practices, established fire/safety/disaster plans, risk management, and security, report and/or correct unsafe working conditions, equipment repair and maintenance needs

·         Keep work area neat and clean at all times; clean and maintain equipment used in food preparation.

·         Supports and participates in common teamwork: Cooperates and works together with all co-workers; plan and complete job duties with minimal supervisory direction, including appropriate judgment

·         Completes requirements for in-service training, acceptable attendance, uniform and dress codes including personal hygiene

·         Perform all other duties as assigned

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