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OAKLAND, Calif. — Stephen Curry has won MVP because he unleashed a season that was dominant and, well, fun. The latter part is generally accepted — Curry’s style of play is as close as we can get to “objectively fun.” The first part — that dominance — is still seeping into the public consciousness. It just doesn’t make intuitive sense that someone that height (6-foot-3) and that slight build (190 pounds) can impose his will on the NBA.

And yet, Curry did it this season. He averaged fewer than 33 minutes per game and the Warriors outscored opponents by a whopping 920 points in his total floor time. While it’s easy to say that stat redounds to having talented teammates, those teammates didn’t perform nearly so well when Curry sat. (For example, the Warriors outscored opponents by 144 fewer points in fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson‘s floor time.) FULL STORY HERE