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Teriq Royal is a rapper from Compton. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he got shot? Okay, that’s wrong. But still. Anyone shocked…? Didn’t think so. Alright let’s move on. Teriq Royal, the rapper from Compton, got shot. So if you’re wondering what’s the first thing he did after getting shot, it definitely wasn’t talking to the police! But it WAS talking to someone…..his facebook family. Moments after being shot in the HEAD with an AK-47, Teriq Royal, the rapper from Compton posted a video on facebook, where he said “I guess I’m a rapper now…I got shot!”

Luckily, the bullet fragments stopped in his skull and didn’t reach his brain. Clearly he already has brain damage.


Do you care if your favorite rapper lives the life he raps about?