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Columbus Police Opens State-Of-The-Art DNA Lab


COLUMBUS, Ohio – One of the most powerful tools ever developed in modern criminal investigation is DNA testing.

It’s helped identify suspects in everything from freshly-committed crimes to long-ago cold cases.

The Columbus Police Department recently opened a new state-of-the-art DNA lab.

DNA testing has had a revolutionary impact on the criminal justice system including for one Columbus man who was freed by it.

Walter Smith is a five-time bodybuilding champion. His gait is a little off right now because he’s recovering from double bilateral hip surgery.

But that’s nothing compared to the challenge he faced fighting wrongful imprisonment on three rapes that occurred in Columbus between 1982 and 1984.

“Hair did not match. Fiber did not match. Fingerprints did not match. None of the evidence from three women and three different crime scenes matched Walter Smith at all. But they still sent me to prison,” he said.


Columbus Businesses Consider Applying for License to Sell Pot


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The election is 3 weeks away, but 10TV has learned some businesses are already beginning the process to sell marijuana.

Voters will decide on November 3rd whether to legalize marijuana in Ohio.

If approved marijuana would be grown on 10 preapproved sites across the state. It would be sold in stores through a special permit.

ResponsibleOhio, the group behind Issue 3, says more than 4,000 people are already asking for more information about this permit. Some businesses are still considering if selling pot is something they want to do.


Police: woman streamed live video of drunken driving


LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) – Authorities say 911 calls from concerned viewers led to the arrest of a Florida woman who was streaming live video of herself while driving drunk.

Lakeland police report 23-year-old Whitney Beall was using the social media app Periscope as she was driving Saturday. The video shows her saying several times that she was drunk. She also said she had a flat tire and didn’t know where she was.

Other users messaged her urging her to stop driving before she caused a crash. Some called the police.

An officer logged onto the service and located Beall’s car, and officers pulled her over.

Church Gives Pizza Driver $1,000 Tip From Collection Plate


PICKERINGTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio church congregation ordered a pizza from Domino’s during a service, then tipped the driver more than $1,000 that had been collected for the offering.

The driver brought the $5.99 pizza to Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington in suburban Columbus on Oct. 4. The Rev. Steve Markle brought her onstage and asked her the biggest tip she’d ever received. She said about $10.