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Kong Hee founded a very popular megachurch in Singapore. They had thousands of members and Kong and his wife were very loved. I say “were,” because Kong was just found guilty of embezzling $35 million! Now we’ve all heard about shady pastors taking money from the church to pay off mistresses, or to support a lavish lifestyle. But you won’t believe why Kong embezzled $35 million….apparently he really believes in his wife, because the money was to promote her singing career! His wife, Ho Yeow Sun, appeared in a video with Wyclef Jean in 2007, but that was about it as far as her music career. So he figured $35 million could get her poppin! Well…it didn’t. So I hope she gets a job, because someone has to put money on his books.


Is there a certain age you should give up on trying to “make it” in entertainment?