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Blac Chyna’s mother has a few words to say to the world about her daughter and Future.

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Here’s What Blac Chyna’s Mom Thinks About Future Not Claiming Her Daughter….

Tokyo Toni Chyna Future

Tokyo Toni’s baaaaaack…

Tokyo Toni Reacts To Future And Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna’s mother has a message for fans who are concerned about her daughter’s relationship status.

As previously reported Chyna’s been getting relentlessly roasted for tattooing Future’s name on her hand….

Blac Chyna gets Future's name tattooed on her


only for the rapper to declare his single status just days later.

Now Chy’s mother Tokyo Toni is jumping to her daughter’s defense and telling fans THIS; mind your business.

“We all have done things for our own personal reasons in which needs no explanation for the next person,” wrote Toni. “[….] The moral of the story is simply mind your business.”




She also reposted a fan’s supportive “tattoo” of Chyna’s name on a fan’s hand for the “#BlacChynaSharpie” challenge.unnamed-5


What do YOU think about Tokyo telling fans to leave her daughter alone???