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Jay Z

Today is Jay Z‘s 46th birthday. Our boy Young Hov has been around for a long time. While he’s celebrating life and enjoying the best parts of success, he’s still reigning King of New York City, Beyonce’s husband, Blue’s father, Gloria’s son, the blueprint to your style, and your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He’s also the owner of your favorite Cognac, DUSSÉ, and the founder of your favorite music streaming service, TIDAL.

We know what you’re thinking, you already know all of this. But there are some things you might have forgotten about Jay Z, so we’ll remind you.

1. He watches all the hip-hop battle videos.

Back in 2012, Hov’s DJ and engineer Young Guru revealed, “Jay Z has probably watched every SMACK DVD, Grind Time battle, freestyle, and every battle that has ever been on YouTube.” You can read the full quote by clicking here.

2. He was a rapper sidekick.

Jay was friends with a group called Original Flavor; he was featured on three of the songs on their Beyond Flavor album. They even put Hov in their video for the song Can I Git Opin, and they were in the background of his video “Dead Presidents.”

3. He never dated singer Blu Cantrell. 

She does have a crush on him, though. She talks about it more than she talks about her singing career. Watch her spill the beans to Wendy Williams.

Jay Z

4. He used to be a regular rapper.

Well, Jay Z was never regular, but he used to do regular rapper things like perform at MTV’s Spring Break and hug the VJs while he performed. He wore towels over his head and stuff you could actually afford with a regular 9 to 5.

Jay Z, Reagan Gomez

5. Parenthood star Reagan Gomez is in his “Girls Girls Girls” video.

Random, right?

6. He dissed Tupac.

Jay dissed Pac after he passed away on a song called “Dead or Alive, Part 1” featuring Sauce Money. This is where they got the line “cough up a lung, where I’m from.” While it’s a slight diss, it’s still a diss. He rapped, “Ain’t nothing dead or alive playing me, I take beef to the grave, that’s how my momma raised me.” Adding, “Heaven or Hell, niggas better have some answers for me. Hollering shit from 89, Hawaiian Sophie God damn you been on my dick a long time.”

7. He was sued by a wrestler.

In 2005, WCW star Diamond Dallas Page sued Jay Z for throwing up the Roc sign. Page said the hand gesture was his thing. MTV reported:

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Federal Court on Friday, accuses Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records of trademark and copyright infringement as well as misappropriation of the hand symbol.

In 2007, the suit was settled and Jay Z agreed to pay wrestler DDP an undisclosed sum after infringing on his trademark. Jay Z uses the hand signal ’til this day. DDP doesn’t wrestle anymore.

SOURCE: Contact Music, MTV | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

7 Things You Most Likely Forgot About Jay Z  was originally published on globalgrind.com