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So did it really go down in the DMs with Yo Gotti and his crush Angela Simmons? Well she shares how she really feels about Yo Gotti making her his crush.

Angela Simmons recently interviewed with her cast mates for her new reality show.  She handled the interview well when asked about Yo Gotti:

via Bossip

David, Danni and Jah asked her about Gotti directly.

Danni: “He seems like a really nice guy, were you flattered when he sent you the flowers?

Angela: “They were really nice flowers. I’m flattered. He’s really nice, that’s awesome.”

She also spoke on other rappers name dropping her and her sister Vanessa on tracks…

“I think it’s awkward when you’re in a room [with them], I don’t know how to respond to it.  […] I’m ususally cool with all these people, I grew up around these people in the industry so it’s all love when I see them.”

and added this tidbit about Gotti and his “Down In The Dm” line.

“I did tell Gotti thanks for the shoutout, I was very flattered. He showed up to my faux fur launch and that’s where he sent the flowers actually and it was very sweet of him.”