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As Ohio gears up for its general election, voters play a pivotal role in determining the fate of various statewide and local issues this November. Alongside the high-stakes national and state elections, Ohioans have several matters on the ballots, including reproductive rights and marijuana legalization, as well as local races and issues. Please note that […]

With the ending of the popular series Power, many fans are left feeling a bit lost. Power was a great series and now fans are still wanting more. Because of its popularity, producers have decided to create a series of spin offs. Some actors that are being casted for the spin offs are slowly being […]


Fif flexes his political chops at the nation’s capital. Hip hop mogul 50 Cent spoke to legislatures on Wednesday to tackle the issue of diversity and representation in entertainment. According to The Hill, he met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to also discuss how STARZ, who airs his show Power, was dropped from Comcast Xfinity. […]

Power fans don’t play about their show! This last week was a little tough for many having to survive without the weekly dose, as the show skipped last Sunday. And they left watchers with their jaws dropped after the end of the last episode. But all is not lost, when the show returns this weekend […]

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In the past 5 to 7 years TV has been real good , most of the series that have come out in the recent years have been some of the most watched of all time . And Power has been right up there at the top, fans fell in love with 50’s gritty series from […]

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Kendrick Lamar is set to appear on the next episode of “Power” this Sunday when the popular 50 Cent backed show airs on STARZ at 8pm. Fifty, amid all of his recent social media bullying of Floyd Mayweather over the past few days, made the announcement via his Instagram Wednesday afternoon. “Kendrick is a once […]


  This weekend one of the most anticipated show finales will happen…. Power Sign Up For Our Newsletter! After Ghost daughter Raina was murdered it had everyone up in arms.  What will Ghost do?  How is Tariq gonna explain this?  What will Tasha do?  But the bigger question is what is Tommy gonna do? So […]

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#bigbinkshow – No words after watching this.  Every parent should use this video and have a moment with their kids.  NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY ARE!

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#bigbinkshow – it’s always good to give back to the people who helped you get to the top.  Kevin Hart just made somebody’s day.  Check it out below

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#bigbinkshow – 50 Cent got the TV’ s rocking with  the “Power Series” and everyone wants to know what he thought about the new Jay Z Album – Here is what he said here:

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#bigbinkshow – everybody wants to know hat the real deal is with La La and Melo.  Will they divorce?  Will Melo still play for the Knicks?  Will La La stay on Power?  Well here is la La answering one of these questions.

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#bigbinkshow – Yo The Premiere for Power kicks off later this month but it looks like one of the main characters will be taking it easy because she has other things that need attention.  Congrats to “TASHA” from Power on the new Bundle of Joy! #isshepregnantinthenewseason #howmanymonths #newseasonofpower625 #bigbinkshow