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In the past 5 to 7 years TV has been real good , most of the series that have come out in the recent years have been some of the most watched of all time . And Power has been right up there at the top, fans fell in love with 50’s gritty series from episode one, while some fans compared Power to another successful series Empire  Fif quickly shot down calling Empire a G rated version of Power and for the most part he was right because a lot of the things that happen on Power could never ever happen on Empire. One glaring reason is due to the fact that Empire was on mainstream TV and Power was on cable which means Power could  cross the line when ever they wanted when it came to content or the story line. And with Empire ending soon due to lack of rating, fans of Power are ecstatic that the possibility of another season of Power is even being talked about, but we shall see because Fifty has lied in the past and May of this year Fifty told fans that they won’t miss Power because he has 4 spinoff’s coming right after the ending of Power. But we shall see…..Full Story Here 

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