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This could only happen in a house in the suburbs because in the hood dogs ain’t allowed to be in the house that long lol. But I can say that this is why they say a dog is a man’s best friend because there is no way that one of his friends would’ve sat in […]

If there is a silver lining in the death of the great Kobe Bryant is that it made everyone look at their lives a little differently after such a tragedy. It made parents hug their children more it made people who had petty beef with other people reach out and extend an olive branch. And […]

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The Buckeye’s men’s basketball team kicked off the season 9-0 and was ranked in the top 5 and life was good coach Chris Holtmann praised the team and their defensive productivity. They were able to knock off some top tier teams on their undefeated run such as 14th ranked Kentucky, 16th ranked Villanova, 20th ranked […]

The top of the new year brings a ton of exciting moments and events. In Hollywood, it kicks off red carpet season and we get to enjoy some of our favorite entertainers come together and celebrate greatness. After the 2020 Grammy Awards this year there will be a very special tribute to the late and […]


Some people believe that you can say anything on social media without any ramifications, these people believe that they are protected by their 1st amendment rights and for the most part they’re right except when it comes to your job. In the past years’ thousands of people across the country have been fired because they […]

The 614

I find it amazing every time I hear a story like this and hope and pray I’m never put in this position because when it comes to the kids you coaching or even if it’s your child out there playing it’s tough to keep your cool when you as a parent or coach feel like […]

The 614

This need to lead off every news story, to many times we talk about the negative when it comes to artist or the gossip but when it comes to the good we mention the deed and then we go find the bad. This has to stop and what crazy is that most of the time […]

In the past 5 to 7 years TV has been real good , most of the series that have come out in the recent years have been some of the most watched of all time . And Power has been right up there at the top, fans fell in love with 50’s gritty series from […]

Not only is she beautiful but she’s a wonderful after meeting a fan and posting for a pic she found out that same fan was killed after leaving the club. His cousin posted the pic thanking Megan for taking the pic and how he was glad his cousin had a chance to meet her because […]

Last year just might be his ( Tyreek Hill) last year playing football in the NFL, this case almost reminds you the Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt ordeal, everything was cool until the visual came out in this case the audio. Tyreek Hill’s son broke his arm and his Fiance’ is saying that Hill is […]


If you’ve flown spirit airlines just once then you gotta know this kinda foolishness can pop off at anytime, hence the reason I will never ever fly spirit again lol I mean it’s cheap but as you can see you get what you paid for. There’s a reasons tickets have that price tag on them, […]

If your a parent you’ve had this happen to your phone or ipad more than once, but never for 47 years!!! I think the longest that my phone has been disabled was…..maybe 5 mins, but my daughter did shut down her mom’s ipad for an hour. After hearing this I now know how lucky we […]