If your a parent you’ve had this happen to your phone or ipad more than once, but never for 47 years!!! I think the longest that my phone has been disabled was…..maybe 5 mins, but my daughter did shut down her mom’s ipad for an hour. After hearing this I now know how lucky we both were because when Washington D.C. resident Evan Osnos gave his 3yr old son his ipad to play with for some peace and quiet time we all need and love lol his son gave it back and that’s when his dad found out that his ipad HAD BEEN LOCKED FOR 25 AND A HALF MILLION MINUTES LOL The man reached out to Twitter because that’s where you find out how to do anything lol and Twitter gave him some classic advice  one person said: “I would just wait it out”, while another suggested: “Reboot your 3 y.o.” lololol Full Story Here

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