Lately, the coronavirus has shut down everything and with more cases on the rise it doesn’t look like the trend of canceling events is going to stop any time soon. Recently one of the biggest events in the country that has been coming to Columbus for the past 3 decades was canceled “The Arnold Sports […]

I gotta give props to Lil Baby because usually when people put them started cables on you and it’s over how you make your livelihood usually it doesn’t end well for both parties involved. Lil Baby says that from the jump people had been trying to get him to beef with DaBaby because their names […]

On her Birthday weekend, Lori Harvey claims Future as her man, now everyone knows that Future has a gang of baby mommas and a gang of kids. Lori has no and is just really starting to get her career going and although she won’t have to play mommy because none of the kids live with […]

The 614

The world belongs to Simone Biles and after throwing out the 1st pitch of game 2 of the World Series things haven’t changed at all because she threw out the 1st pitch in a way no one has EVER done before. Check it out Click HERE to see the video

The 614

Now I know for a fact I hated and I really mean hated 3 of my teachers from elementary to high school and many times I would wish that something would happen to them either over night or on their way to work but my wish never came true. I even thought about pushing one […]

The 614

One of most respected meteorologist in the city has just been charged with child pornography , this is a second degree felony and Mike Davis is currently in Franklin county jail and set to be arraigned tomorrow ….Full story here

The 614

Damn I didn’t think that they would find me lol I can’t lie i’m one of the people that have us as a state, sitting in the top half of this list. WalletHub released a study today and in this study Ohioans ranked #8 when it came to having some of the worst student debt […]

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This is why if you have a gun in the house and you have kids you have to either lock the gun up and keep the key on you or your spouse or you have to teach your kids gun safety and that still might not work and what’s so sad is now this family […]

The 614

When did it become the trend for sooooo many women to get caught up in being accused of having sex with underage students? In the past 5 to 10 years we’ve seen a major increase in female teachers taking down students, back in the day i know it was all about the men doing this, […]

If your a parent you’ve had this happen to your phone or ipad more than once, but never for 47 years!!! I think the longest that my phone has been disabled was…..maybe 5 mins, but my daughter did shut down her mom’s ipad for an hour. After hearing this I now know how lucky we […]

:Note to all rappers “WATCH YOUR LYRICS”!!! Once you get into this game one thing you have to know is that when the man comes for you he’s gonna use any and everything he can to get you. YNW Melly and a friend were arrested for the murder of two other men who were riding […]

So after only two weeks Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy are calling it quits it seems the reason for the break up is the same reason the couple got together, it’s because of Chyna’s ex Tyga. A source close to the couple told TMZ…. the relationship started to fracture after Soulja and Chyna got into […]