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Some people believe that you can say anything on social media without any ramifications, these people believe that they are protected by their 1st amendment rights and for the most part they’re right except when it comes to your job. In the past years’ thousands of people across the country have been fired because they either posted something that affected the brand of where they work or they got caught on camera doing something that their company deemed fireable.

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And that’s what happened in Cleveland when free safety Jermain Whitehead was waived/fired in the locker room right after the game after he got into a twitter war with a fan after the fan trolled him on twitter telling him that he can’t tackle and that he got ran over and pretty much said that he sucked.   That’s when Whitehead did the unthinkable he answered and had he answered with something like “I’m playing and your not” or if he hit them with “Stick and Stones” he would’ve been ok, but no Jermain Whitehead decided to let this troll know that he ain’t no punk and gave this troll his personal address called the troll “A Cracker” and then told the troll “I’ll Kill You”.

Why would you throw away everything over someone that doesn’t even matter, this is the question?!

Dave Chappelle had a skit on his famous “Chappelle Show” the skit was called “When keeping it real goes wrong” this is what happened here, believe it or not, this is one of the 1st times in the history of the NFL a player has been fired while taking off his pads after because of a tweet they posted while sitting at their locker.


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