Memphis bred rapper, Young Dolph is throwing in the towel on the rap game. That’s right, Dolph has decided to retire from the rap game. Dolph has been toying with the idea of giving it all up for some time now. He even started talking about it on his social media platforms. The 34-year-old basically […]

We would like to give a huge shoutout to Independence High School basketball star Andre Trent who made history Thursday night! In his final home game, the senior guard hit 17 3-pointers Thursday and scored 54 points on senior night. His 17 3-pointers breaks a single-game record that was set back in 1998. Below is […]

One more game to go! So who do you got? Will it be the 2nd ranked offense in the league with last years league’s MVP or will it be the team out west that has the number defense in the league led by one of our own former buckeye great Nick Bosa. Many fans and […]

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I haven’t had a 1st in a minute, but at my daughter’s basketball game I almost got kicked out of the game for being “One of Those Parents” LOL. Right now in life, there are two professions that believe they have the power to do anything they want to anyone that questions their so-called authority […]

The NBA has postponed the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Clippers scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 28 at Staples Center. In a statement from the NBA, the league said the decision was made out of respect for the Lakers organization, which is deeply grieving the tragic loss of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, […]


Some people believe that you can say anything on social media without any ramifications, these people believe that they are protected by their 1st amendment rights and for the most part they’re right except when it comes to your job. In the past years’ thousands of people across the country have been fired because they […]


A Florida mom is now facing child abuse charges after she allegedly punched her 10-year-old son in his face so hard- she dislocated his jaw! Ann Perugia, 35, was arrested on Wednesday in South Daytona, Florida. According to the South Daytona Police Department, Perugia punched her son in the face after he repeatedly ignored her […]

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The world belongs to Simone Biles and after throwing out the 1st pitch of game 2 of the World Series things haven’t changed at all because she threw out the 1st pitch in a way no one has EVER done before. Check it out Click HERE to see the video

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I find it amazing every time I hear a story like this and hope and pray I’m never put in this position because when it comes to the kids you coaching or even if it’s your child out there playing it’s tough to keep your cool when you as a parent or coach feel like […]

Lizzo isn’t pulling in punches and she shouldn’t , in a recent tweet she posted and then deleted that she doesn’t understand why when list are put out that rappers like Future and Sway Lee are placed before her when she has the #4 song in the country here’s the tweet do you agree or […]

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Get ready Buck Nation it’s almost time for another year of FOOTBALL at the shoe and starting tomorrow you can get your ringside seats to the #RyanDayEra as we embark on a new journey with our new head coach Ryan Day. Make sure you get your tickets early because the university is saying that right […]

50 and 0 rarely knocked down….well that was in the ring where NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY could even put a glove on the former champ Floyd Mayweather but it always seems that  pro athletes feel that they can play another sport better than their own sport. When will these dudes understand that they are […]