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I haven’t had a 1st in a minute, but at my daughter’s basketball game I almost got kicked out of the game for being “One of Those Parents” LOL. Right now in life, there are two professions that believe they have the power to do anything they want to anyone that questions their so-called authority those two professions are Stewardess and Referees in any sport. When refs believe that they have the power to affect the outcome of games or make it personal with a player or a fan, it’s all bad for the team or player they decide to take their anger out on, and in this case, that fan was me and that team was my daughters. And to be honest I never called the refs out of their names nor did I cuss or speak badly about the other team. I just made sure that the refs knew that I felt that they were calling a bad game and I made sure that they knew this the entire game because that’s how bad it became for my daughter’s team. I would love to sit down with that team of refs and watch the tape of the game and point out where I thought they missed calls and have them explain to me what they saw and why they didn’t make those calls. But I know that will never happen and so I sit here a day later after an overtime loss with my head held high but I also feel that my daughter and her team had a disadvantage on the court last night due to the fact I believe they were playing 5 on 8 instead of 5 on 5.