Let me start this off by saying R KELLY STILL NASTY!!! And with that being said, last week R.Kelly filed papers through his lawyers asking to be released from prison due to the Coronavirus. His lawyers cited the conditions of prison saying that it is difficult for him to practice social distancing and maintain good […]

Any Apple iPhone user that has been around for a while is familiar with the struggles of not upgrading your phone in a timely manner. Or rather, when Apple says so. If you’ve ever tried to hold on to your beloved, older model iPhone, more than likely, you experienced very slow processing speeds or just […]

After 35 years of service, hip hop legend Flavor Flav has been handed his walking papers after a dispute over of all things politics. Now in 1989 when P.E. made one of the best songs in hip hop “Fight The Power” they were seen as one of the most influential groups of that time especially […]

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This could only happen in a house in the suburbs because in the hood dogs ain’t allowed to be in the house that long lol. But I can say that this is why they say a dog is a man’s best friend because there is no way that one of his friends would’ve sat in […]

This fight wasn’t even close, Wilder vs. Fury part .1 was incredible filled with action and left many wondering who really won the fight when it ended in a draw even though Wilder knocked down Fury in the final round. The build-up to this fight was crazy everyone calling it the fight of the year […]

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I haven’t had a 1st in a minute, but at my daughter’s basketball game I almost got kicked out of the game for being “One of Those Parents” LOL. Right now in life, there are two professions that believe they have the power to do anything they want to anyone that questions their so-called authority […]


I can’t say this enough I have daughters lol so anything I can do to make their lives go easier I gonna do for one reason only I’m daddy lol. But to actually find out that as my girls get older I will be able to identify the best cities for them to live in […]

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Our Buckeye’s play tomorrow night and ahead of the game they have a little message for the Northwestern Wildcats Click Here to see video


Big Pac Jay Z Eminem Ice Cube Snoop Nas Andre 3000 Rakim Kanye West Lil Kim Lauryn Hill DMX KRS 1 Scarface Luda Lil Wayne Drake T.I. 50 Cent                                                      […]

When your famous anything you do is amplified and when it’s some type of drama it’s amplified X 10! Newer celebs usually find this out the hard way, and most of the time it happens on some type of social media. In this case it happened live on IG , while Blueface and his sister […]

This years free agency did not disappoint and now the NBA is back WIDE OPEN!! The Golden State Warriors Reign lasted Four years , had they stayed healthy and together many believed that they could’ve won the title at least 2 or 3 more times. But after this Sunday that is no longer the case […]

Lil Nas X has been one of the biggest names in music over the past few months and his hit “Ole Town Road” as stayed at the top of the billboard charts for the past 10 weeks. And now he’s promoting his album and one of the songs that he’s asking everyone to listen to […]