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When your famous anything you do is amplified and when it’s some type of drama it’s amplified X 10! Newer celebs usually find this out the hard way, and most of the time it happens on some type of social media. In this case it happened live on IG , while Blueface and his sister and mother were arguing his sister took out her phone and went live and let the whole world see . Some people believe that family matters should stay private but when your a celebrity no one pays attention to those rules, money makes people act different and if you had any family issues then they get amplified. This case is no different because according to Blueface’s sister and mother the reason the argument happened is because his girlfriend did say hello when she walked in the house…..WTF??? Is that a good enough reason to kick some one out……just sayin , it had to be more than that Full Story Here

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Have you ever had to kick a family member out of your house?