Imagine losing your mother and while grieving, you take on the daunting task of going through her belongings. You then make a haunting discovery. This is proving to be a true reality for a Missouri man. 37-year-old, Adam Smith was cleaning out the home of his dead mom and in fact made a gruesome […]

When your famous anything you do is amplified and when it’s some type of drama it’s amplified X 10! Newer celebs usually find this out the hard way, and most of the time it happens on some type of social media. In this case it happened live on IG , while Blueface and his sister […]


  An 8 year old Ohio boy and his sister narrowly escape being kidnapped and the scene was captured on video!! The terrifying incident happened Thursday in Middletown, about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati. The boy, identified only as Chance, and his sister, identified as Skylar, were out and about with their grandmother. The pair […]

#bigbinkshow – Wow!!!!!! According to reports, Tennis great Venus Williams could be at fault in a car crash that caused someone to lose there life.   Could this affect her Tennis career?  What about all her endorsements?  As we get more info we will keep you informed.  We are praying for the families affected…

#bigbinkshow – Since it is “International Womens day”  I wanted to put up some of the best music ever made by Woman hip hop artists in the last 5 years.  Shout out to all the women in Columbus!!  Thank you for everything that you do for the City!  

#bigbinkshow   Solange Knowles may be Beyonce’s sister but she is all about people recognizing her for her own skills.  She dropped two new joints in the last 72 hours and got the internet going crazy.  I must admit they are really good!  Check out a piece of the video from one of her joints […]

Serena Williams is now one step closer to solidifying her place in history as the greatest female tennis player of all time with another U.S.…

This little cutie is rumored to be the “Half Sister” of Beyonce.  If this is true I hope they can meet if they haven’t already and have a relationship.  I see similarities do you?          

This is a sad story. This is nothing new either. Violence amongst young adults and teenagers is reaching an all time high. VIA FLYPAPERNEWS.COM A man shot into a car and accidentally killed his sister instead of the mother of his child, his intended target. The victim is Mifflin High School junior Venita Baker. Matthew […]

Alexsandra Wright, the woman who filed a paternity suit against Beyonce’s daddy Mathew Knowles months ago, recently gave birth to a daughter.